Swisscows is the anonymous search engine that doesn’t monitor, and provides no violence and no pornographic contents. To promote the development and continue to allow anonymous search on the net, we need your financial support. If you would like to promote our idea, help us with a donation. With your help we can pay our data center and our staff.

Every donation is valuable, in order for people to be protected in the Internet. Through your donations, you become an "enabler", so that Swisscows can fulfill its important mission on behalf of Internet users.

Why do we need your donation?

Swisscows uses the donations for the development, the technology and all other costs related to our search engine.

What do we want to do? What goal do we have?

We want to remain an independent data-safe search engine. The strict privacy regulations of Switzerland enable the most secure servers without access from the EU or the US. Together, we can ensure more privacy, data protection and internet freedom.

Child and Youth Protection!

More and more children and youth use the Internet. For us, the protection of children's privacy is of utmost importance. No one has to accept violence and pornography appearing in the search results and in the worst case being discovered by children. Where there is a lack of parental supervision, children and youth often come across internet contents that they shouldn’t be seeing. Swisscows helps with a worldwide clean internet. We owe it to our children!

Will I receive a donation receipt and is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, right after you have transferred the donation, you will receive a donation receipt via email. However, we can’t guarantee a tax deduction.

Can a company donate?

Yes, many companies already support us. The transferred donation can be entered as general advertising expenses.

Doesn’t Swisscows generate income through advertisement?

For the reason that Swisscows does NOT monitor users, thus doesn’t spy out data and NO data is sold to advertisers, only few companies are interested in advertising on Swisscows. This revenue unfortunately doesn’t cover the expenses on data center, development, employees, etc.

More questions about Swisscows?

We would like to keep you well informed. Our team will gladly answer any questions you may have about Swisscows. Please send your questions directly to: spende at

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