Dear donors,

We need your support again this year. But this time, we've come up with something special for private donors and sponsors. As a thank you, we now offer an umbrella for private donors and free advertising on the Swisscows website for business sponsors.

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Private donor

Dear donor,

It sounds almost unrealistic, but we believe in it and follow this vision.

A search engine is already indispensable for every person - whether at home, in the office or on the road. Meanwhile, however, it is clear to everyone that a comprehensive monitoring is possible through search terms, interests, the profile of the movement and the user profile created with it. This is also reported to us almost daily in the media. The question is, what can you do about it, how can you protect yourself? I do not like my data being stolen and I am firmly convinced that everyone has the right to privacy. As our team began developing the search engine, our vision was clear: to create the world's most secure search engine. Also, it should be a family-friendly search engine. Young people are now much more frequently on the Internet than adults. For this reason, we want to protect the younger generation, so there is neither violence nor pornography on Swisscows.

Our goal is clearly defined - Swisscows remains freely accessible, free of charge and advertising. We are working tirelessly day by day, to improve and optimize our services and functions. We will continue to pursue our strategy in the future - not to save information from users and to protect our children from violence and pornography. We want to offer privacy not only as a search engine, but also in other services like WhatsApp Alternative, Map, Email, etc.

In order for this work to be continued to allow an anonymous search on the Internet, Swisscows needs your support. We will use the donations for the development, technology, employees and all costs incurred around the search engine. We would like to remain an independent, secure search engine and protect our children from violent contents. If you find Swisscows useful and would like to promote our idea, take some time and help us.

We are grateful for every donation. For a donation of 150 CHF or more we would like to thank you with a special gift. So you are protected not only on the Internet, but also from the rain.
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Dear entrepreneurs,

Since Swisscows normally does not advertise, as Google and other search engines do, we offer our sponsors a unique opportunity to publish a banner on Swisscows as a thank you gift for donations of 1,500 CHF or more during the donation period.

As an entrepreneur, you profit twice:

  1. You will receive a donation receipt for the donated amount.
  2. You will be given the opportunity to reach new customers via banner advertising at Swisscows.

We support our sponsors. For an amount of 1.500 CHF or more we will place your logo on Swisscows. For sponsors who want to advertise more than one day for free, we offer the following graduation:

  • 1.500 CHF (one-time donation) = your banner on Swisscows for 1 day
  • 3.000 CHF (one-time donation) = your banner on Swisscows for 3 days
  • 6.000 CHF (one-time donation) = your banner on Swisscows for 1 week
  • 10.000 CHF (one-time donation) = your banner on Swisscows for 2 weeks

IMPORTANT! We do not know how many users we have, so we cannot guarantee or assure you of user data! It is also important that the banner does not show any pornographic, sexist or violence-oriented content!

The banner will be prepared by you and should have this size: 670х99 | JPG, PNG

This is how the process works:

  1. You transfer the amount.
  2. You send us your banner, which is first checked by us, to the following email:
  3. As soon as the amount has been received in our account, you will receive an email from us as confirmation (please leave your contact details).
  4. While your banner is online, you will receive a screenshot from us as proof.

Due to high demand, we will decide on the schedule for the placement of the banner.

By the way, for a donation of 150 CHF or more, private donors will receive an umbrella as a gift this year.

Donate by bank transfer

Bank transfer
Postal account owner: Swisscows, 9322 Egnach
IBAN: CH25 8138 0000 0082 4505 7
Swift / BIC: RAIFCH22D80

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We are grateful for every contribution, because this is the only way we can work in the long term. By making a donation you will help to secure internet freedom.

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Thank you very much for your support!

Your Swisscows-Team