Joint us and switch your entire company to the data-secure search engine Swisscows!

Companies are switching to Swisscows- instead of Google!

Google shaped the life of many, but just recently it was revealed Google monitors everybody and every company worldwide. Google monitors us everywhere! Just as Google decides what we will find, hence displaying manipulated results.

Google manipulation - you're just a puppet

Your behavior is being monitored, saved, then analysed. You therefore receive a manipulated and adapted hit list or search results.

Google tracks your every step

Google monitors you, saves your search, and your digital fingerprints can therefore be found all throughout the internet. Google then sells your data for profits.

Swisscows - search engine Made Swiss

Swisscows is the Swiss search engine which doesn't monitor anybody and any company's data is therefore secure!
All our servers are located right here in Switzerland! It's time to take our security and the security of our companies into your own hands! The sooner the country switches to its own search system, the more secure we will be down the road! For years we have made Google what it is today - "internet dictator”.
Companies of all different sizes are switching from Google to Swisscows, and not only those in Switzerland!

How much is it?

Nothing! It's absolutely free!

Who at the company makes it?

The company's IT officers, IT administrators

How quick is the switch?

It normally takes about one hour, depending on the size of the company and company policies.

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