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Made to find – no matter what!

Do you know the problem: you desperately need a document and you can’t find it?

Every day millions of people are searching for information in form of documents, on the internet or in their workplace. Since documents double each year, after only one year, employees aren’t able to find their documents without the help of a search engine. After two to three years it becomes even harder and after five to seven years they don’t even try, they create new documents, which again take a lot of time. This results in huge amounts of helpful, yet undiscoverable information – knowledge that is buried and of no use.

In helping to find valuable information and to have it at hand at any time, Windows is far from being sufficient. In todays‘ digital world it is important to have access to your own data not just from your PC but also on the road with the help of, for example, the iPad. At the same time enterprises and individuals have stored growing amounts of hard copies. More and more companies digitize their documents, yet finding their way through the data is a growing worldwide problem! This problem cannot be solved purely through software, but through different components of innovative technologies, software and hardware!

Especially the medium-sized enterprise feels left alone because everything is too expensive!

Hulbee has recognized the problem and created something new and outstanding!

Hulbee has the ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The solution is „Hulbee Enterprise Search“.

We understand SME!

Andreas Wiebe
Hulbee AG

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